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Kathy Cummins and Bruce Cox in Cameroon

Starts: November 07 @ 8:00am
Ends: November 07 @ 8:00am

The Iceve Alphabet Chart arriving by helicopter

Kathy wrote in 2013:

“When Vision 2025 was being birthed in 1999, I had no idea Wycliffe Bible Translators even existed. … Like your average young Christian, I took it for granted that the Bible was in the language I knew best. I had no idea of how crucial that fact was for even HEARING the good news, let alone growing in the faith.
However, perhaps in answer to your own prayers, God quickly drew me into his vision! As an ESL teacher, several missions were happy to take me when God gave me the push in 2001. But the idea of being part of colonising the world with English dissatisfied me. … Sure enough, God led me to Wycliffe and Cameroon in 2002!
Now, my husband, Bruce, and I have been living with a  people group in Cameroon since 2008. It’s a cluster of  languages, who have become my personal Vision 2025. One of my life-goals is to see Bible translation started in each of these languages (if they all need it) by 2025. We have started with four, praying that others will come along to help the more-distant-from-us four. In God’s mercy, 2012 has seen provisional alphabets come out in each of these four languages.”

Kathy and Bruce are in Australia in the first part of 2018.

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