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Wycliffe – Bruce Cox and Kathy Cummins

Bruce and Kathy met at Wycliffe’s linguistic training centre in 2002. Kathy was on her way to a two-year literacy assignment in Cameroon, West Africa and Bruce followed her there on a linguistic assignment! While there he designed an alphabet for a previously unwritten language, Kemezung.

Their time in Cameroon confirmed not only their relationship (they were married on 7/1/2006), but God’s niche for them in cross-cultural language work. Bruce has a background in pure mathematics and computing, with a talent for music that is useful in listening to tonal languages. He also loves thinking about and exegeting the Bible. Kathy’s field was adult English as a Second Language and basic education and she loves helping people learn (especially to read and write), as well as learning languages herself.

Considering these gifts, training and experiences and many as-yet unwritten languages in Cameroon, Kathy and Bruce believe it to be God’s will for them to return there in 2007. They will spend two years building relationships and learning the language and culture of the community in which they will live. After that, they will begin work with the local people who have a passion for the development of their own language. Bruce hopes eventually to specialise in facilitating Bible translation with them and Kathy in encouraging literacy.

The Bible is God’s message of love and guide for living. It is foundational to making disciples and essential for the development of strong churches. Wycliffe members are committed to seeing the Bible translated into those languages that need it. There are more than 2500 language groups who do not have God’s Word in the language they understand best. Wycliffe’s vision is to see Bible translation in progress by the year 2025 for every people group that needs it.

A people group should be considered unreached until it has the Scriptures available in the mother tongue. – Professor Kwame Bediako, Ghana

Prayer is a primary resource for seeing this vision fulfilled – prayer for the people groups around the globe and for Wycliffe members involved in the task. Wycliffe workers do not recieve a salary. They trust God to provide a team of partners who will meet their financial needs.
Bruce and Kathy are committed to being a part of the team helping to complete the global Bible translation task. You can become a part of this team as you partner with them in prayer, financial support and encouragement.

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