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Frontier Services is a charity and national agency of the Uniting Church that grew out of the pioneering work begun in 1912 by the Rev John Flynn (“Flynn of the Inland”) – the man on the $20 note.
The Frontier Services of today owes as much to the Federal Methodist Inland Mission, which was equal in size and scope to that of the Australian Inland Mission by 1926, as it does to the Presbyterian tradition and to Rev Dr John Flynn.  It is a matter of historical record that the inland work of the Congregational Union, particularly in the Northern Territory, actually preceded that of the Presbyterian and the Methodist traditions in many remote regions.

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UnitingWorld exists to”connect communities for life” and we achieve this through two distinct units 

Our Relief and Development Unit supports our overseas partners as they enable marginalised communities to live healthy and well-resourced lives. We focus on building the capacity of our partners and their communities. We assist them in overcoming poverty and injustice, realising their fundamental human rights and developing long term, sustainable livelihoods.  Program areas include: Education, Health, Social and Economic Empowerment and Partnering Women for Change.

Our Church Connections Unit stands alongside and supports our partner churches in their life and witness and helps Australians see the world through our partners’ eyes.  This reciprocal engagement brings fresh understanding and renewed faith. We develop, encourage and lead the Church’s partnership in mission with churches overseas, especially in Asia, the Pacific and Africa.  Program areas include: Leadership Development, Theological Education, Church Community Service and Mission.

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