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Wycliffe Australia – Bruce Cox and Kathy Cummins

The Bible is God’s message of love and guide for living. It is foundational to making disciples and essential for the development of strong churches. Wycliffe members are committed to seeing the Bible translated into those languages that need it. There are more than 2500 language groups who do not have God’s Word in the language they understand best. Wycliffe’s vision is to see Bible translation in progress by the year 2025 for every people group that needs it.

Bruce Cox, one of our Kirk members, and his wife Kathy have both been a part of Wycliffe since 2002 where they both met. They are both committed to bringing literacy and God’s Word to those who do not have it in their own language. They are based in Cameroon to fulfill their mission of promoting literacy and the translation of God’s Word into the local language.
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FreeSchools World Literacy

Since July 1997, FreeSchools World Literacy has grown from its humble beginnings as a single classroom in Motihari, India, into an international charitable organization empowering women and children with free education in developing countries. They work cooperatively using a model that invests mainly in teachers and learning materials, borrowing existing space, and making literacy possible for thousands of children, especially girls and young children, who would otherwise be deprived of education.

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Different members of the congregation collect second-hand glasses and hearing aids, stamps and bread-bag tags for various missions.
These items can be left at the Church.

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