The Forest Kirk Uniting Church


Bringa Women’s Refuge

Bringa is a women’s refuge in the Warringah area.
As women and children leave Bringa for a new home,
we try to give practical help with furniture and household goods.
We also collect money for Bringa’s work on the first Sunday of the month:
the cheque from these offerings provides staff with extra funds for emergencies.
Enquiries to Kay Duce on 9402-0196.


Exodus Foundation

The Exodus Foundation, based in the Sydney suburb of Ashfield, assists homeless and abandoned youth and other people in need. Exodus was founded in 1986 by Rev. Bill Crews, Minister of the Ashfield Uniting Church.
The Exodus Foundation runs the “Loaves and Fishes Restaurant”, a free restaurant serving upwards of 300 meals per day for the hungry. Exodus also provides help and support services such as social workers, chaplaincy, counselling, food parcel assistance and appropriate welfare assistance.
Since 1996, The Exodus Foundation has been operating a Tutorial School for troubled youth who have either dropped out of school already, or are in danger of doing so. To date over 300 children have successfully completed the program.
The Exodus Foundation relies primarily on donations to meet the enormous costs of providing these services.

We collect food for them on the third Sunday of each month.  Enquiries to John and Dorothy Sproul on 9452-1094.


LinC (Love in the Name of Christ)

This is an interdenominational organization staffed by church volunteers to help
people in the community. There are nine churches participating in LinC Warringah.

If you want to refer someone in need, e.g. an elderly or incapacitated person in need of
transport or other assistance, ring the LinC referral number, 9986-3759.



Different members of the congregation collect second-hand glasses and hearing aids, used mobile phones and batteries, stamps and bread-bag tags for various missions.
These items can be left at the Church.

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All are welcome. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the church or our activities.

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